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Akron Bicycle Club
Date: 10/12/2020
Subject: Stop Merriman Valley Development
From: Ron Ring - ABC Leadership

Hello ABC Members, 

ABC Leadership is asking for your help! We would like to stop residential development by the City of Akron in the Merriman Valley that has been planned with little regard to the safety of cyclists and the community in general. The situation is explained on the attached emails that we are asking you to send to the Mayor of Akron and Akron's City Council to speak out against this development proposal. An Akron Beacon Journal article is also attached.

There are two letters attached to: 1) Mayor Horrigan (Mayor@...); 2) Akron City Council (publiccomment@...). We'd ask that you email these as quickly as possible, as the decision on this proposal will be made in November. We appreciate your help in this advocacy to stop this proposal that would significantly increase traffic in and around the northern Akron Area and CVNP.

Thank you for your support!

ABC Leadership
Merriman Mayor
Merriman Council


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